What do Plumbers do?

What do plumbers do?

Anyone who has encountered a busted pipe or cracked toilet will tell you that plumbers are heroes. Plumbers install and repair water supply lines, waste disposal systems, and related appliances and fixtures to keep homes and businesses flowing smoothly.

Being a plumber is physically demanding. Strength, stamina, and an ability to operate in a number of environments are all assets you’ll need prior to deciding to pick up a pipe wrench. Repairing a faucet in a plush office restroom while smooth jazz wafts over the intercom may appear like a sweet gig, but you may also spend your morning wedged in a chilly crawl space fixing a busted drainage line. It all needs to get done, and there is some serious compensation available for individuals who’re ready (and able) to get it done.

Unless it’s for scheduled maintenance or installation, individuals who need local plumbers usually need them immediately. The good thing is that urgency makes for excellent job security; the bad news is you might work more than 40 hours per week and be on call for nights and weekends. If you want a career with less prospect of late hours, try pipelaying, pipefitting, sprinklerfitting and steamfitting, skilled trades often grouped with plumbing. These jobs call for similar skills, but usually offer more regularly scheduled hours.

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