Boiler Servicing in Blackpool

Do you need a new plumbing company for boiler servicing in Blackpool? Alan Haigh Plumbing and Heating believes that decent plumbing service should be readily available for everyone.

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Boiler Servicing in Blackpool

Alan Haigh Plumbing and Heating provide an 2 options for boiler servicing in Blackpool, either a one off single service when needed or an annual maintenance contract on your central heating system, gas boiler and related controls. This provides a yearly service visit to service the boiler, and to make sure that everything is functioning efficiently. The Minimum Contract term is for a period of one year. Additional appliances can be included within the contract.

All existing boiler systems are welcome. We just need to visit and check everything is working and fitted to present codes of practice.

Alan Haigh Plumbing and Heating is fully qualified by Gas Safe– which means you can put your trust in us with the safety of you and your family. We’ve been providing gas boiler maintenance since 2002 and since then the company has developed an unmatched level of satisfied customers with over 300 homeowners choosing us for their annual boiler service in Blackpool each year.

Trained Engineers

We always make sure that our engineers are at the forefront of the profession. All of our engineers undergo our extensive in-house training programme, where they learn all aspects of boiler servicing, safety and boiler maintenance. We ensure they’re up-to-date with a full product knowledge.

It is recommended practice to have an annual gas boiler service to make certain that your boiler remains safe, efficient and well maintained.

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On a boiler service, we will:

  • Conduct a gas tightness test that will reveal if you have any gas leaks that could constitute a hazard to life or property.
  • Test the safety devices on the boiler appliance.
  • Make sure that your boiler appliance is working at the correct pressures and to its optimum efficiency.
  • Check there’s no carbon monoxide danger to you or your family.
  • Finally, give your appliances a thorough clean which will make sure they remain in pristine condition.

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Alongside annual boiler servicing in Blackpool we also offer gas safety checks to make sure you and your family members stay safe throughout the year. This is a legal requirement for anyone that is a Landlord or manages a Housing Association, Local Authority, Hotel, B&B, College, Boarding School or Hostel. If you own or run a Hotel or B&B in Blackpool you need to organise an annual gas safety check for any gas appliances serving in a guests accommodation even if your guests are not located close to the gas appliance.

If you require boiler servicing in Blackpool or a gas safety check, then please Call our annual servicing team today.

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all our engineers are gas safe registered

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Any gas safety check will be carried out by a registered Gas Safe professional who’s experienced and has the technical skills to complete the work effectively and to a standard which fits requirements.

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